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Monday, June 7, 2010

cow chips!

i'm experimenting with going dairy-free (yeah, with my ice cream addiction, we'll see how long that lasts), so i got some almond milk the other day (plus i had a coupon!). nina usually likes soy milk, so i poured her some to taste. here's how it went:

me: "do you like it?"
nina (as it sounded to me and nick): "it tastes like sh*t."
me: (thinking, there's no way she just said 'it tastes like sh*t') "what did you say it tastes like?"
nina: "i said it tastes like... (long pause) ...chips."

nick thinks it was the curse (and he blames me! i don't swear, but he always blames me. erik i think you can attest to the fact that nick is the foul-mouth in this house). i think she said chips. say it out loud. it really does sound like a swear when you say the whole sentence.

and here's another cute exchange from today.
grandma and the girls were getting some dirt to plant the peppers, and i guess a bug or worm was unearthed (i was in the garage, so this is a second-hand account). nina asked grandma if she wanted to pick up the creepy-crawly.
"no," said grandma. "i don't want to touch it, i'm a coward."
"you're not a cow grandma," said maggie. "you're a people!"


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