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Thursday, June 24, 2010

more busy busy

and this time, i was a bit sick too. but one night to bed super early, and one night of excellent sleep (thank you maggie!) and i feel much much better.

and we have some exciting news in the world of swimming to report--nina has been swimming in grandma and gandpa's pool with no bubbles or life jacket!!! and maggie has been swimming with bubbles by herself!! no more kids hanging on me in the pool! independence! it's so cute the way maggie's little legs bicycle under the water, she really gets around! she can't use her arms so well because her floaty restricts their movement, but that doesn't stop her! we spent hours in the pool on tuesday while the girls enjoyed their independence (nina didn't swim by herself for that long, mostly she was in a life jacket. she still sticks close to the wall or ladder when she's out of it).

tuesday morning we had gone into town to do the windjammers for wee matey's stuff on the library lawn. great fun! lots of little kids and activities like water balloon toss, a sprinkler, crafts, and a kiddie pool that started as a place to race their craft boats but became a kiddie pool. they had a great time!

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Oma said...

It's wonderful that both girls are swimming (or almost) ... good for you, Des! (and Nick, too, if he had anything to do with it ... and Grandma and Grandpa?)