about a dream: the garden drama continutes to unfold

Thursday, June 10, 2010

the garden drama continutes to unfold

today, i looked out of the window in the living room, towards art's house, and guess what i saw?


ok i'll tell you--a deer! a graceful, sleek, spinach-fed deer. i have no proof mind you, but i have a serious gut instinct that this deer ate my spinach yesterday. it's certainly the deer that ate the blossoms off the lady slippers (are there any man's slippers? nina asks). we lost sight of the animal because the woods between the house and the water slopes down quite a lot, so we went upstairs to my balcony and we could see her again (no antlers, so i'm assuming a she). once she heard us she took of running down the path. fiend!

well, no additional damage to the garden today, and happily, a bunch of my okra seedlings are coming up! i decided to direct-seed some okra in the garden since i only had two to transplant, and i'd like a bunch of okra. i also think i have two cilantro plants coming up, which is disappointing since i've planted like, 15 seeds, but hopefully more are coming.

other than that, basil and peppers are all in, oh and the watermelon, and i've planted more beans. there's still some empty space, so i'm going to plant some chard seeds that beth gave me, and some more basil too. then maybe more carrots until i run out of space.

i harvested a few leaves of basil today for my pizza. it was good!

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