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Sunday, June 6, 2010

still raining!

wow did it pour today! i'm guessing we got a good 2 inches of rain this weekend, based on the way it was coming down and the depth of water in the numerous buckets, pie tins, yogurt containers, and other such sundry out by my garden. how will the plants survive this deluge? i don't know!!! the strawberries seem to be loving it (that is, strawberry plants. i've sacrificed most of this year's strawberries so that the plants can put their energy into developing a strong root system and lots of foliage. the internet assures me that i'll be repaid 10-fold for this sacrifice with next year's harvest. or something like that...)

everything else in the garden proper looks good too actually. except the spinach, i'll have to harvest the rest of that tomorrow because it's all bolted. oh well, i'll try again later in the season, maybe fall will prove to be a better time to grow it.

the girls are fabulous. nina dressed up like a bride this evening and married nick a few times while i officiated and maggie served as flower girl. she really gets into it. she's kind of a bridezilla though, everything has to go her way OR ELSE!! haha, hopefully that's just the 4-year-old in her and not an indication of things to come.

in other news, we went to church today and the girls did very well (nina better than maggie, but she's older). at one quiet point towards the middle of mass, after a round of singing ended, maggie shouted (with genuine glee) "HOORAY, IT'S DONE!!!" and once again, the kind church ladies assured me after mass that everyone appreciates the chuckle, and everyone has their own fond (in retrospect) memories of when it was their kids who were the little ones. i think they're just saying this because they think i'm their best chance for a new baby in the church. haha!

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