about a dream: who's on first

Thursday, June 10, 2010

who's on first

sometimes, nina draws pictures upside down. she's been doing this for a long time, but only occasionally. i was thinking about it though because she's done it more lately. she especially likes to draw ming-ming upside down (you can click on ming-ming).

so, intrigued by this window into her little mind, i asked her why she'd drawn ming-ming upside down, after having drawn tuck right side up (tuck is another link. i wish i could figure out how to change the formatting so that embedded links show up in a different color). she turned the page around and said ming-ming wasn't upside down, tuck was. so i said, "no but WHILE you were drawing ming-ming, tuck was upside down." "no," she said. "tuck's standing on the wall."" but not while you were drawing ming-ming," i said. "when you were drawing ming-ming, the page was like this" (as i flipped the page). "actually," she said, drawing a line under tuck's feet, "ming-ming is on the wall."

then i gave up. i don't know why she draws ming-ming upside down, but hopefully it's on purpose.


Vanessa said...

your links are in a different color- blue- until I clicked on them, then they turned brown.

des said...

oh good! mine start off that dark brown, i thought they looked like that for everyone. good then!