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Thursday, June 3, 2010

rainy days here

so we've been inside a lot. what good timing that maggie got all those presents this weekend, the girls have had a lot of fun playing with the new toys. there were a lot of art supplies, so we've been doing a lot of drawing, painting, coloring, cutting, and gluing lately. wow has nina gotten good at drawing! all of a sudden you can really tel what everything is. she drew the dinner table with a dinner plate (with peas, chicken, and something else one it) and chair, and it's so good! and her eagle, wow. and the wonder pets, complete with fly boat. fantastic! i'll have to snap a photo of some of her work so you can see.
oh and her coloring is SO neat too. she really enjoys coloring all of a sudden. maybe something just clicked in that developing little brain of hers, and staying in the lines is much easier.

maggie is still working on her lines and circles. she likes it when i draw wonder pets and she adds the hats and feet. they go in the right place anyway!

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