about a dream: the garden! the garden! part III

Saturday, June 26, 2010

the garden! the garden! part III

i know, i know, you've all been hanging on the edge of your seats, waiting for installment 3. tah-dah! i must say, the pictures make me feel better about the garden. sure, some things are dying (another tomato plant is gone, and another pepper looks like it's going to be gone soon). and sure, others seem to be sitting in the soil, not growing, just kind of hanging out (okra, i'm looking at you!), but still, other things are slowly and steadily growing (peas! potatoes! carrots!). so here it is:

this is the entire garden. beautiful in a very rustic sense, no? i really enjoy just looking at it.
here's some of that okra i was talking about. maybe i'll take a pic next week and compare to see if it's growing at all.
carrots! can't wait to eat these!! they've been in the ground since april, maybe i should harvest them soon?

this looks like a pea seedling, but i'm not sure. don't remember!

and this is the peas from the side. i built the trellis myself from some brush i cut down and some string. i'm committed to buying as little as possible.

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