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Saturday, June 12, 2010

last night was awful!

but before i tell you about that, i'll tell you about the action-packed day of fun we had on friday. first, we went to story hour at the library. then, it was the first day that the trolly was running again, so we took a trolly ride (we even dressed up for it, it was a special occasion!). then candy from ornes, then home for a quick nap for maggie, then over to play with charlie and hattie. we walked with them to the horse barn to see a little girl take her riding lesson (vanessa, the little girl turned out to be meegan mclaughlin's daughter, and penny was there too! how fun! i introduced her to beth as my old tennis coach, and she said "former! your former tennis coach, not your old tennis coach!" hahaha!).
THEN, the kids played in a huge mud puddle for nearly an hour, then back to the moss house for "clean up" in a sprinkler, then some sandbox, then dinner, a bath, and they conked out.
so, quite the busy day! i guess the girls were overtired, because here's what happened at night:
7:30--bedtime. kids asleep almost instantly. yay, nick and i think!
10:30--nina wakes up from nightmare, very confused/not totally awake. her crying wakes maggie. i put maggie into nina's bed to try to settle them both at the same time. maggie falls back asleep, but not nina. so i move her into my bed, and she finally falls back asleep there.
11:30--nina up again, crying. still confused. she doesn't like my bed, so nick and i go to sleep with her on the futon (she's still scared from her nightmare).
there's no clock near the futon, so i don't know about times any more. i'll guess though:
midnight-ish--maggie wakes up (she's in nina's bed remember). i bring her to the futon, she re-settles there.
close to 1:00 am--nina wakes up with leg pain. she's prone to getting growing pains on days she's been really active. this time we decide to try tylenol. she and nick go back to her bed since all 4 of us in the futon is kind of ridiculous (kind of! ha!). i re-settle maggie (= nurse), who is disturbed by all the goings-on
20 minutes later--still not back to sleep (it takes her a while to fall back asleep when she wakes up at night. she certainly doesn't get this from me!), nina tells nick that we "made a good decision to give her the tylenol" because her leg feels much better.
definitely past 1:00--maggie stirs, cries a bit in her sleep. i decide to take her to the bathroom since she refuses to wear diapers to bed. sometimes night-waking is because she has to pee. and she does, a nice big pee. i made a good choice. :-)
4:00--i wake to maggie saying "i need dry pants." yes, she does. and a dry shirt. and dry pants for me (because her pee pooled over to me, not because i peed.) how can a kid who peed a few hours ago wet the bed? oh, i know. if the kid nursed a million times to resettle from waking up over and over again, that would do it. maggie and i move to my bed, because the futon is uninhabitable.
4:10--i tell maggie no more nursing unless she's willing to wear diapers. miraculously, she falls asleep without nursing.
4:15--never mind, she wants to nurse. a battle of wills ensues. maggie screams. then she pleads. "please mama, please can i naney? please!" she cries. how do you say no to that?!
4:20--maggie blissfully sound asleep.
6:00--maggie's pants have bunched up some. she HATES when her pj pants bunch. "fix them?" she asks. settles again quickly with a little more nursing.
7:15--up for the day!!

wow, what an awful night, worse than having a newborn! nick is asking me why i'm putting this on the blog, because he'd rather forget it. nope i say, it all goes in the blog, good and bad!

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Oma said...

Poor you all, collectively! Everyone seemed perfectly fine, though, when we had our video call yesterday morning ... no sign whatsoever of all that nighttime turmoil ... hope everyone was able to catch up on their sleep last night!