about a dream: garden woes!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

garden woes!!

i can't believe how emotionally invested in this garden i am. i love it though! i love my garden! it's so fun to watch everything grow, to care for it from tiny little seeds, to lovingly transport it outdoors into my carefully groomed little patch of dirt, and then watch as mother nature DESTROYS IT ALL! oh yeah, having lots of fun.

it was the spinach today. i only had like, 5 plants left after the rest bolted and were harvested. but they were beautiful plants, truly beautiful. and they were still growing, so i thought i'd wait just a bit longer to harvest.
fatal mistake.
everything was honky-dory today at noon. then we went to play at charlie and hattie's, and i checked on my precious after dinner, and i saw that the spinach was all gone. eaten!

i think it was the woodchuck. who else would be so bold as to eat from my garden in the light of day? there were no hoofprints either, so i'm ruling out deer.

damn it! i think i am going to put up a fence. yes, because i need to spend even more time and money to get nothing.

ha, i can't help it, i still love it!!


Vanessa said...

this all sounds familiar... maybe why we only had a garden growing up for a couple of summers?

des said...

yeah, it's all coming back to me now... but i still remember that the peas and carrots from our garden were SO GOOD! mmm!!