about a dream: a fantastic summer weekend!

Monday, June 21, 2010

a fantastic summer weekend!

you know when i haven't been posting much that either we're sick or having lots and lots of fun. fortunately this time it's the latter. on friday evening erik, isabelle, and chester arrived. the girls and chester were thrilled to see each other again. nina and maggie showered him with love and affection, even hand feeding him his twingles (that's his doggie food). hopefully he'll be able to transition back to eating it from a bowl like an ordinary dog. hee hee!

on saturday we hung out at the pool and then hit a birthday party quickly. got some ice cream, then back to the parents house for some BBQ and more swim time with everyone plus isabelle's friends and their 2 kids. fun fun fun! we even did a fire pit after that! the girls conked out that night!

on sunday we had another big day--the st. john's bizarre, where maggie rode her first rides! the first was like a take on the teacups ride, only instead of teacups they were bears. then she did a big slide, a merry go round, and a bounce house. nina did all of those plus a car rides in a circle kind of ride.
then, it was off to aunt maria and uncle lee's for a birthday dinner for mom!

such a fun weekend. today, nina said to me "did we really move to maine, or is this just a dream?"

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