about a dream: a tour of the garden!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

a tour of the garden!!

here is my best looking watermelon seedling. actually, it's the only one left. not so sure i'm going to get any watermelon out of it, but i'm not going to give up yet!!

my potatos! a raging success (knock on wood!). if they do as well as it seems like they're doing, i'm going to plant a bunch more next year.

do you know what this is? a potato flower! i've learned so much about vegetables. apparently tuber formation happens when the potatoes blossom, so this is a critical time for them. guess i should review my bible for the watering requirements of this critical phase...

a close-up of the peas. i was feeling artistic. beautiful, no?

zucchini! seems like they're not doing so much lately, but maybe i'm just impatient. who doesn't get zucchini, right?

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Oma said...

It's looking good, Des!