about a dream: a photo tour of the garden, continued...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

a photo tour of the garden, continued...

there is just SO much going on in this garden that i'm going to have to make this a 3 part series. already it's changed since part 1--the potatoes are in full bloom and actually look very pretty! i promise to get a photo of those today. i've been awful about taking pictures of things lately, the memory card is full so i only got 1 picture of maggie swimming yesterday, but i promise to get back to pictures soon! i have some cutie ones of the girls to put up on the blog too. but, i digress. another post devoted to the garden!

first up is a picture of the pepper patch:

here's a pepper plant up close:

here's one sorry pepper plant suffering from some unknown affliction:

and here's a pumpkin plant!

and some swiss chard seedlings!

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