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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


today was the day, nina's first day of kindergarten! i won't keep you in suspense, it was "fun." that's about all i got out of her, no details of her day. oh, wait, she did tell me that she is drawing an apple in art class.

well, here are a few pictures. the first is getting ready to head out the door. pretty excited!!

then, waiting for the bus. she was feeling a little nervous here! but not as nervous as she looks, it's that combination of her forced smile/being sick of pictures, along with the nerves, that made her look especially anxious.

and finally, after a long day, she came back to me! so little in that big bus!

and relief! what a happy kid after a big day!!

she had been SOOO excited to start school. yesterday was the practice bus ride, which she'd been waiting for for weeks. it was a trial run just for kindergarteners, and it picked some up at the catholic church at 1:00 and another group at the center cafe at 1:15. nina wanted to be on the first group so that she could get the longer ride.
we parents picked up the kids at school at 1:45. when i walked into the kindergarten class and found nina, she looked up at me and said, "what are you doing here?" so yeah, she really missed me. i told her it was time for me to pick her up and she said, "well, i'm not done playing." i lured her out by promising a trip to the playground (oh by the way vanessa and erik, there IS a good playground! it's just that it's at the upper playground, now all the kids go there. the lower playground is abandoned. i'm not sure why...) on the way home nina was so excited to get back to school that she asked "is it bedtime yet??"

well, today went really well too. i was pretty nervous! i took maggie to hendrick's head to keep my mind off of everything. but when i picked her up at the bus stop, she said school was fun and that she'd had a good day. and that she was hungry and tired and hot (because we're in the middle of a heat wave, and it was over 90 again!). that was pretty much all i got out of her at first.

later, she told me about how the teacher walked them down to lunch, that they played outside, and that they sat in a circle. she also asked me, "is charlie my boyfriend?" (nina and charlie sat together on the bus. he's her friend from just up the road). i asked her did someone ask her that and she said yes, a kid on the bus. bus kids!! i told nina that since she and charlie were going to get married, she could tell kids he is her fiance. haha, no i'm just kidding.

at bedtime, i asked the girls what the best and worst parts of their day were. nina said the best parts were when anna picked her up at the bus stop (anna took those pickup photos) and we all went swimming, and when emily gave her the princess sleeping bag (which happened yesterday) and the worst part was when she "got a stale tomato" (she'd eaten a cherry tomato from our garden that had been sitting on the counter a little too long and was squishy). so, i guess no part of her day was worse than a stale tomato!!

maggie said the best part of her day was when emily gave her the tinkerbelle costume (also yesterday), and the worst part was that she missed nina. aww!! she really did too, she talked about her all day long, talked yesterday about how she was going to miss her, and then squealed with delight when nina got off the bus and ran to give her a hug. they are so sweet!!

so, hopefully another positive day tomorrow. i think she's really going to like school!

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Thanks for the report and pics, Des!