about a dream: a lazy weekend

Sunday, September 12, 2010

a lazy weekend

yesterday a trip to the playground was the highlight of our day (followed by a trip to hannaford). oh wait, i take that back. the girls went in the hot tub, i'm pretty sure that was the highlight of their day.
nina confessed that she has been making up the new letters (there is no indiocha!) and the new numbers! when i told her i'd been telling people about them (how embarrassing!), she looked at me with such contempt. a, "wow, my mom is duuuumb" look. might as well keep her expectations low so she isn't disappointed later!

today we're also lazing around the house. church in the morning (maggie had to go to the bathroom during mass, so nina and i took her. outside of the church doors were elizabeth and her daughter allison, who's 9 i think. maggie walked up to them and said, "i have to poop. do you need to go poop?" and they busted up laughing. it was too funny).

other than that, not much going on!! maggie woke up this morning and asked, "why doesn't papa have his own bed? why does he have to sleep with nina?" and i explained that actually the big bed belongs to me and papa, but papa goes to sleep with nina when maggie comes into our bed. she totally rejected that. "no!" she said. and then, "why doesn't papa have his own bed?" sigh........

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