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Monday, September 27, 2010


i'm sick. it started with maggie, then nina got a touch of it, but i have it the worst. as usual. well, maggie had a LOT of snot, but she didn't say anything about a sore throat, so i don't think she had one, at least not as bad as mine.

i kept nina home from school today though, she had an uspet stomach at bedtime last night, so i figured she'd better stay home so she didn't throw up or anything at school. and tomorrow is school picture day, i don't want her to miss that! she's SO excited for it. maggie was THRILLED that nina was home all day. for 2 1/3, she has a really good sense of time, because she totally gets that nina is home on weekends, but that today was a monday and nina should have been at school. so having her home today was a treat in a way that saturday and sunday weren't. and maggie was in a fantastic mood, just utterly delighted all morning. giggling, playing with nina, running around and shrieking with joy. it was so cute.

oh, she's writing letters on purpose. i didn't ask her, but this morning she drew an A and then showed it to me. she gets very frustrated when there's something she can't do though, so i'm not making too big a deal about writing letters. like, i'm not going to try to teach her how to write them, that would just upset her. just a few days ago she was trying to do something (what was it? i can't remember... mom was here, i'll ask her if she remembers), and she said "i can't do it, i'm too little!!" poor kid.

she also still talks a lot about going to preschool. on the way to church on sunday she kept pointing to different buildings and asking, "is that my preschool? maybe that one will be my preschool." i don't think she's really ready for preschool, she still freaks out a lot if i'm not around (the other day i went to pick up nina at the top of dover rd after school, and i asked her if she wanted to come but she said no, she wanted to go to grandma's. i asked again, and again before i left, and she insisted she wanted to go to grandma's, but then she freaked out when i drove away. so i really don't think she'd like it at preschool.

ok, bedtime for me!

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Oma said...

Hope you feel better soon!