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Saturday, September 4, 2010

the rest of the week was equally successful

yup, it's official, nina likes kindergarten. she's ridden the bus to school every day, and home twice (once i picked her up at school). on friday, mom, maggie, and i joined her for lunch at school. it was great! she was happy to see me (in spite of instructing that i not come after her first day. but after day 2, she was happy with the idea of getting lunchtime visitors). so, we all got the hot lunch (pizza), which looked like it tasted really good (not the old rectangle pieces from when i was a kid, this was real triangular pizza!), but since maggie ate nearly all of mine, and nina finished off the rest, all i got to try was crust.

maggie is adjusting to nina being gone too. on thursday she wanted to pretend i was nina, which was really cute. it's been so, so hot (90+) this week that we've primarily been swimming at mom and dad's. amazing! the pool at 80 degrees in september!! maggie and i also went to the beach on wednesday morning, but it was too hot to play there for very long. crazy.

we also had a hurricane come through these parts last night, but it fizzled out or stayed offshore, so all we got was some rain overnight. not even twigs down or anything, which is very good. especially for my garden, which i have grown tired of and have been neglecting through this heat wave! i should have watered it this week, it was so dry, but oh well... not much is left producing anything. i still have a fair number of tomatoes, but that's about it. nothing's coming from the zucchini plants, the peas are long since done for, the carrots never gave me much to start with though i still have a row i can dig up, and i have a couple of turnips that i can harvest soon.

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