about a dream: labor day weekend

Monday, September 6, 2010

labor day weekend

hmmm.... what to write about. well, it's labor day weekend, and for the first time ever on this holiday we were able to go for a nice long swim in the parents' pool. yay for global warming! it was in the low 90s last week, but today only hit the high or mid 70s.
earlier today we got ice cream for $1 at wannawaf, they're closing for the season and were getting rid of everything. then we picked out treats at sherman's and took a short trolly ride. how summery.

wow for the first time i think i can't think of anything to write about! i'm even losing interest in the garden (an animal ate my cantaloupe, it was the size of a baseball, maybe a softball. sad). i'm still getting some tomatoes, and i'll harvest 3 small turnips soon. that's it! the peaches are ripe though, so that's very exciting. gotta get dad's ladder again to pick the rest.

ok well, maybe something exciting will happen tomorrow!

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Oma said...

Wannawaf??? Where/what's that?? (That wouldn't be the Ice Cream Factory, would it?)