about a dream: nina's terrible day

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

nina's terrible day

nina gets pessimistic when she's tired. before she fell asleep tonight, she started to tell me about what a terrible day she had. "what happened?" i asked her. "well, first," she said, "i didn't like the way the wet grass felt on my feet." (that was this afternoon, when she and maggie were playing outside while i cooked dinner.) "so i just sat there and was bored. then, i didn't see grandpa for 2 days, and i didn't see grandma today. also, i thought school was going to be a short day, but it wasn't. it was a long day."
"but it was a short day," i said. "you got out at 1:30."
"no," she said. " i thought we were going to be done after our AM snack. i thought we were going to eat our snacks and then they were going to say, 'ok, time to go home to your moms.'" (aww! she does miss me!) "also," she continued, "i miss (everyone. i'm not typing out all the names, she misses EVERYONE. even yvonne and renee. she also missed charlie already, even though they're best friends and see eachother every day)."

i told nina that maggie and i will come to lunch tomorrow, and that after school, we can go to the ebb tide so she can see grandma. that made her happy.

before she got so tired, she was very happy and said she had a great day (best part: telling us a joke she heard at school: "a hippo was sitting on a fox and said, 'you're under arrested!' and the fox said, 'no, i'm under a big fat hippo!' HAHA!! worst part: the feeling of the wet grass and being bored). being tired always makes her feel more negative.

maggie also answered the best/worst part of the day question. best part of the day was picking up nina, worst part was the angelina halloween book (but i think she just said that because it was there and she couldn't think of the worst part).


Vanessa said...

technical difficulties have kept me from commenting on this earlier--
we miss Nina too! Hope her days have been better since then. How was the La Leche League meeting by the way?

des said...

the meeting was good! not too out of control with all those kids. thankfully mom was there, so she took a bunch of the little ones out to the swingset for a while. when maggie woke up from her nap afterward, she asked where all the kids had gone. she had a really good time!