about a dream: we went apple picking again

Saturday, September 18, 2010

we went apple picking again

i love fresh picked apples! so, we went again. besides i used up half of our thursday apples in an enormous apple crisp on friday, so we needed more anyway. this time we went back to the place we went to last year, rocky ridge orchards i think it's called. we got some pumpkins, some gourds for the table, some indian corn to decorate with, and only a few apples, because these trees were almost totally picked! they only opened up last weekend too, the maine apple pickers are like locusts!

there was also a ride on a cart drawn by two big horses. the guy who owned them was very nice and let the kids sit on top. these horses were HUGE, taller than the guy! they must have weighed 6 or 8 hundred pounds each. HUGE!!! he said they were belgians i think. (ok i just looked it up online, they weigh on average 2,000 pounds each!! holy moly!) anyway, the girls sat on them (maggie went first), and they got a huge kick out of that. so, lots of unexpected fun there, because they didn't have a horse ride last year.

we even stopped at the mcdonald's play place on the way home. what a fun-filled day!!

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Vanessa said...

Cute pics! Maggie looks so little on that horse, and Nina looks so old in that first picture!