about a dream: dance class is back on

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

dance class is back on

i have precious little to write about. i guess nina being gone all day really dries up my inspiration! well, it's been fun to have some just me and maggie time. i hadn't really realized how much having another kid in the mix changes the way we play--the different between me, nina, and maggie playing together, or just nina and maggie playing, and me playing with just maggie, is huge. today maggie and i played house under a blanket for a while, and it really reminded me of playing that with nina when she was 2. except playing with maggie involved more kicking the blanket, jumping on it, and rolling off the bed. we played that for a while, no wonder she napped for over an hour this afternoon.

nina is back to taking dance lessons, so our tuesdays are pretty busy.

that's all i can think of!! more tomorrow hopefully, after math team practice (i'm assistant coaching).

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