about a dream: late and tired

Thursday, September 9, 2010

late and tired

another good day at school for nina, another lonely day with me for maggie. i pulled her up the road in the wagon to meet the school bus, and she was so excited when it pulled up. she started squealing "nina! nina! i missed you!!" and ran to give her a hug. and we'd even had lunch with nina at school today, so it had only been about 3.5 hours since we'd seen her! well, tomorrow's friday, that will make the little one very excited.

today nina told me about a new number. i forgot what it's called, but it represents the distance, in miles, from maine to new york to the south pole, back up to maine and to new york again. really really far, 192 far. she's learning so much!

hahaha. hopefully she actually is learning something, but how would i know?

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