about a dream: a volunteering monday

Monday, September 20, 2010

a volunteering monday

mom and i volunteered at the elementary school book fair today. maggie came along, she was in heaven. all those books!! it's funny to compare the books she is drawn to with the books nina goes for. nina has fairly broad taste in books, but definitely prefers animal and princess-y topics. maggie likes those things too (everything really), but she grabbed 2 shark books and a ripley's believe it or not book with a lizard man on the cover. she's grandma's little girl alright!
maggie and i had lunch with nina too, always fun. maggie ate the cheese off her taco, nina cleaned her tray and ate some of my food. that girl can eat!

hm, that's all i can think of...

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Oma said...

'course, you know all about those animal books from Nick's childhood which are still stored in a dusty suitcase under my bed ... so either it's hereditary, or all kids like animal books!