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Thursday, September 16, 2010

field trip today

technically, this wasn't nina's first field trip ever; that would be the class trip to the queens county farm that she took with her preschool 2 years ago. but it was her first real school field trip! maggie and i came along as chaperones (maggie couldn't ride the bus though, only students and parents were allowed), and we all went apple picking. the kids had a great time, and the orchard women said they were very well behaved. how nice!

maggie and i stayed after the kids left and picked more apples. tomorrow i am making a huge apple crisp, mmmmm my favorite. i didn't take any pictures, i know i haven't put any up in a while, but i was in charge of nina and another girl on the field trip (plus maggie of course, who took 3 trips to the bathroom), so my hands were pretty full.

and wow was it a perfect day for apple picking! bright blue sky, barely a cloud, and warm once the morning chill wore off.

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