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Saturday, August 28, 2010

busy AND sick

a perfect storm for not blogging. it started with nick, then went to nina, maggie, and finally me (and there i was thinking that for the first time EVER i might not get it. silly me!). it's not too bad, just a head cold with lots of congestion, hopefully i'll get over it as quickly as nick and maggie, but since nina seems to have inherited my immune system, it'll probably take me as long as it took her (about 3 days. i'd be on day 2 now).

well, since i don't feel that awful, i'll quickly jot down some of the highlights of this week.

the first is that we bought a new car. we'd been researching for a while, and nina caught wind of the new/used discussion. one day she informed us: "i don't want a car that anyone has ever used before. i want a new car. one from inside the building." what!! how did she know about the cars inside the dealerships? TV i guess... amazing what they notice. first we thought we'd just lie to her (parents of the year), but then when we realized that the used cars all had like, 30,000+ miles on them for about $3,000 - 4,000 less, we decided that a new car would fit the bill after all. so nina was pleased. on the way home with the new car, she wanted us to confirm that no one had ever used the car before us. "they hadn't," we told her. well, she wanted to know then how did the car get to the dealership. picky picky! we told her that yes, probably someone had driven it onto a truck from the factory, and then onto the lot at the dealership, but that it still counts as new and not used. she was satisfied. then i told her that our old hyundai had been used when we bought it, and she was horrified. so, good riddance old used car i guess! i missed it at first, but now i'm happy with the new car. oh it's a nissan rogue, AWD, 4 cl, venom red. perfect for us! even seems to get good mileage, but i'll give a report when we fill it up for the first time.

also on the way home nina was talking about being a flower girl. i had told her that i've never been a flower girl, and she asked nick if he was ever 'the boy that carries the rings.' he said no. she said, 'well when i get married, you can be the ring bearer and mom, you can be the flower girl. and if i get remarried, you can do it again!'
remarried? we asked. 'yeah,' she said, 'sometimes that happens.'

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Oma said...

Goodness! Nina's wise beyond her years, isn't she?