about a dream: yup, it's truly august when the updates grind to a halt

Saturday, August 21, 2010

yup, it's truly august when the updates grind to a halt

well, so it goes. i'll try to fill in as much as i can tonight. i'll start with sunday, august 15: nina's birthday party. we kept it small because we did a pool party at grandma and grandpa's, and we didn't want too many kids running around. it's just not safe with too many little ones in a pool, even with all the grown-ups. so, it was super fun. the kids did swimming, water balloons, and just playing around. we got nina a princess cake from hannaford, i knew i'd be way too busy to bake anything so i just ordered it a week or so in advance so i would be committed and not deciding that i should bake after all. and the girls loved it, it had belle, sleeping beauty, and cinderella on it, with a light-up base to go under the featured princess of our choice. fancy! great-grandma and aunt maria were also there, so it was a multi-generational, grand time.

on monday we were pooped though! it took us until about tuesday or wednesday to really recover. what a weekend!

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