about a dream: margarete has been a little MONSTER!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

margarete has been a little MONSTER!

is it the terrible 2s? is something wrong? perhaps she's getting her second set of molars and it hurts. whatever the cause, margarete has been in rare form for the past several days.

it probably has something to do with the fact that i'm trying to night wean her. with nina, i just explained one time, at 18 months old, that when mommy goes to sleep, the nanas do too, so we could only nurse during the daytime. and done!! that simple. when i tried that with margarete, at 14 months old, she said "no bye-bye nanas!!" (bye-bye was night-night for a while there). i tried again at about 18 months, and still she had none of it. anyway so now i'm really sticking to it, and nighttime has been a disaster. she tosses and turns, doesn't get into a deep sleep, and has out and out screaming tantrums. i think she woke up mom yesterday it was that bad.

so i can see how the bad sleep makes her grumpy during the day, but today she was just totally irrational. we were at the school to meet nina's kindergarten teacher, and we all had a drink from the fountain. maggie got one tiny drip on her dress and she freaked out. "take it off! take it off!! waaaaaaahhhhhh!!" so fine, i took it off. we were on our way to the car anyway. then i turned around to get nina, and when i turned back around, maggie was totally naked!!

i'm flexible with these things, but not that flexible. so i told her to put her undies back on and she freaked out. "NOOO!!!! i want to naney naked!!! NOOOO!" and i had to wrestle undies back on to a screaming, writhing, naked 2 year old.

THEN IT HAPPENED AGAIN!!! we were at the Y, and i made the horrid mistake of having her drink from another fountain. it was the exact same scene, only there were actually people around at the Y (just some women at the front desk, and they thought it was pretty funny when maggie streaked by). still. i deserve a medal for today. margarete when you're bigger and reading this, please realize how much your mommy loves you to put up with all of your antics!!!!

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