about a dream: things were better on the margarete front today

Sunday, August 8, 2010

things were better on the margarete front today

no monstrosity to speak of. she didn't nap, so she got upset when grandpa extricated her from a chair she was trying to topple onto herself (apparently she learned NOTHING when she pulled a chair onto herself earlier in the week! fortunately that one hit the wall and not her, maybe that's why she didn't learn anything...)

she was cute though. i left nick, nina, and maggie at the playground so that i could go grocery shopping, and when i returned, maggie ran to me and said "you didn't leave me! you came back! i missed you when you were gone!" aww, it melts a mother's heart!

i don't think i've shared any nina stories lately. poor nina, always the sweet big sister, and she's not getting her fair share of blog attention.

one cute thing about nina is that she always shares her strangest thoughts (well, i think they're her strangest, but i suppose that's just a guess) before she falls asleep. the other day, she was asking nick about whether bugs could land on her eye. nick said she'd reflexively blink, so no, not really. she said, 'well what if i held my eye open like this (and showed how she could hold her eye open), then could it land on my eye?' and nick was stumped. then the other day while i was trying to watch the bachelorette, she was grilling me on what different animals use for self-defense. then she asked what we humans use for self-defense, and i said our brains. and she thought about it for a second and said, "yeah, we do!"

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