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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


last summer my postings slipped in july and august too. i was trying to do better this summer, but i guess it's just the way it is. busy busy, but it's a good thing.

so, the wedding: it was fabulous! maggie, nina, and the other girl ellie were so adorable in their dresses! they really turned out well. you've probably all seen a picture, so i'm not going to put one up, takes too much time. and they did a perfect job being flower girls. they practiced a lot at the rehearsal on friday (maggie demanded it, and when nina didn't want to walk down the aisle again, she yelled "nina let's PRACTICE!"). maggie did wander a bit off to one side on her trip down the aisle, i had to gently guide her back into place. and then, she ran our of petals half way down the chairs part of the walk (there was quite a walk from where they started to the chairs), so she looked at the petals that were on the grass, looked for a moment like she was thinking of picking some up to use, then just set her basket down and marched the rest of the way down the aisle. it was too cute!

the rest of the wedding was a great time. the food was fantastic, really really fantastic, and maggie and nina were happy enough watching movies in the mcconnells house with the sitters that nick and i actually got to dance until after 11. can you believe it?

oops more later, i hear maggie stirring

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