about a dream: short post tonight because i'm busy sewing

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

short post tonight because i'm busy sewing

nina wanted a snow white dress for her birthday. i looked some up online, but they weren't perfect. first off, none had the sleeves right. they're supposed to be blue with red inset. some were just red, some were blue with red ribbons down them. please!!! and not one that i saw had a basque waist.

so you see, i had no choice but to take matters into my own hands! i almost made my job easier by starting with a yellow skirt i found at the thrift store. almost because i decided the skirt was way too full at the top (it was, it's like a size 16 or something, there was just too much skirt). so i cut it up and had enough skirt left over to make another skirt... then i realized how unfair it would be to make nina a snow white dress but not maggie. so that's how i ended up making 2 snow white dresses.

i made one rather large misstep in choosing a blue silk blouse from the thrift store to reconstruct into a snow white top. silk blouse fabric is impossibly difficult to sew. in fact, i swore i'd never again sew with it after the purple power suit turned dress fiasco (which didn't actually end up looking all that terrible, even though nina's friend charlie is the only kid who will wear it. i can't get either of my girls to wear it). well i guess i was rendered temporarily insane (temporarily! ha!) but the perfect, shiny blue, because there i went again. and it was so difficult to work with, but i did manage to remake it into a snow white top. and have enough left over to make maggie's top too.

but then i made nick SWEAR to make me find something else to use for maggie's top. and he did, he vowed to guard and protect my silk (that's a bachelorette joke). so now i'm making maggie's snow white top from a pair of mom's old pants. the dresses won't match perfectly, but i think i'm the only one that'll care.

so, that's that, back to the dresses! i will post pictures soon. after i figure out how to make that standing collar stand!!

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Oma said...

How industrious! I must admit, I didn't have to do much sewing for Nick. I did make him a Zorro costume once with a fancy "Z" made out of white mending tape on a black taffeta cape .. looked pretty neat, actually, if I do say so myself. Boys definitely require less sewing projects!