about a dream: what amazing weather we're having!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

what amazing weather we're having!

wow. it was like, 50 yesterday and maybe 55 today. amazing! it was spring! yesterday nick took the kids to the botanical gardens while i did some major spring vacuuming (i can't call it spring cleaning because vacuuming was as far as i got. but i vacuumed in and under all 3 couches, behind the TV stand... everywhere. i even vacuumed the closet doors in the family room (they're those shutter-type doors, they collect a lot of dust). i didn't get to vacuum upstairs though, i ran out of time). then in the afternoon we all played outside. such great fun!

today we went to hendrick's head to dig in the sand, the girls were so happy. there was a cold breeze coming off the ocean but it was worth it. then we did more outside play, and i got to start building my compost bin (i'm building it log-cabin style from big sticks lying on the ground. i'll take a picture of it when we're able to download pictures from the camera again).

cuteness of the day: maggie didn't want to wear pants today, so nick said 'ok how about these jeans, wear these.' she did. she looked so cute in them (jeans make her look older), and i said to her "maggie your pants are so cute!" and she said to me "it's not pants, it's jeans!" such a funny kid!

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