about a dream: our balmy weather just keeps on going.

Friday, March 19, 2010

our balmy weather just keeps on going.

tomorrow's going to be even nicer! then it's supposed to get colder again, but whatever, we'll see... they've been terrible at predicting the weather more than a day in advance (if that, exhibit A being the surprise hurricane we had a few weeks back. it's like living 100 years ago all over again. each day is a surprise! no time to prepare! hehe).

nina had a makeup dance class today, then we met some friends at the playground and rolled around in the dirt. that was maggie, she was playing mermaid. in the dirt. nina was building dirtcastles. i guess they were playing in the "sandbox," but when it's filled with dirt instead of sand, it becomes a dirtbox. and like, 2x as much fun.

i filled out the paperwork to run for the school board and turned that in yesterday. my first campaign for elected office! how exciting! "campaign" might not be the best word, since i really don't have the time or inclination to shake hands and promote myself, but i do intend to write at least one letter to the editor. that should be enough!
today i was looking info on the schools to acquaint myself with the situation i'll be facing. wow, worse than i had thought! the elementary school is actually OK, but the high school sucks big time. here, check this out: (i can't figure out how to make blogger open my links in a new window, so right-click this link and choose open in a new window to keep my humorous and touching blog open)

it's a chart showing the percentage of students in the school that met or exceeded grade standards in 4 subjects. ouch. abysmal.

you can tell already that i'd be a popular board member, huh? this should be fun!


Oma said...

Great about the weather ... but BRHS: Oh dear!

Oma said...

It's obvious that things have changed a lot since the Scorcia kids attended!

Vanessa said...

two words - - SNOW STORM :(