about a dream: tanta nessa and wy-wis are here!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

tanta nessa and wy-wis are here!

what a big, exciting day!

nina and grandma went to portland to pick them up, but first they had lunch together at the broadway deli, and then went to the flower show in portland. nina wore her nicest dress for the special occasion, and she and grandma had a fantastic time. they got to vanessa and wyatt in time and in one piece, so the day was a blazing success!

meanwhile, maggie and i had a playdate with lily and her mom melissa. she had a great time! maggie is big enough for her own playdates, sigh... big kid!

most importantly, vanessa and wyatt are great! wyatt is the happiest baby, and SOOOOOO cute! he's always smiling and playing, or else intently watching the world. the girls love him.

maggie is so happy that tante vanessa is here too. she kept running into the dining room while we were eating and yelling "tante nessa!" then she insisted on sitting right next to her for the rest of the meal. what's going to happen tomorrow with isabelle, erik, and chester here too? too much happiness!!!!!!!!!

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