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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

file under "cute things nina says"

while the girls were in the bath today i was folding laundry and listening to them talk. i don't know what maggie did to precipitate this, but i heard nina coo, "you're the cutest little baby in the world! the cutest little baby! and you just have the cutest little hands! i love your little cute hands!!" she absolutely adores her baby sister!

also, at dinner tonight nina described something as "unusual." but i can't remember the context at all! it was only a few hours ago, but totally gone... dad, do you remember?

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Oma said...

Nina's declaration to Maggie in the bathtub was SO SWEET!!! They are both unbelievably adorable!

And re Nina's vocabulary, she asked me during one of our last video calls if I know what the word "reprimand" means! Wow!