about a dream: none of my seeds have sprouted yet!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

none of my seeds have sprouted yet!

ok, it hasn't been that long for the tomatoes, but the peppers have been in the soil for almost 2 weeks! i read online that it can take a month, i am trying to keep my patience... but it's hard. the tomatoes i am expecting to sprout this week, but it would help if i could put them into a sunny window to warm the soil. grr... sprout little seeds! mama is waiting for you!

in other news, we've been managing to have a lot of fun in spite of the torrential rain we've had for the last 2 days. yesterday we did open gym at the Y in the morning and had a BLAST. we pulled out all of the toys there--the riding toys, hula hoops, lacrosse sticks and balls, basketballs, bikes, little toy bowling set, stop go whoa! signs that we put on the floor, even the huge parachute! the parachute was a hit, there were 4 of us moms to shake it and what... 6 kids, and they were playing on top and below it and just having a fantastic time. remember how much fun it was to play with the parachute in gym class as a kid? it was my favorite.

and nina is just the BEST big sister in the world. she pushed maggie around on a riding toy for at least a half hour. it was so sweet! maggie had the biggest smile on her face, screaming with joy, and nina was running as fast as she could. maggie is such a lucky girl!

then today, nina went to charlie and hattie's in the morning to dye eggs while maggie and i ran errands. maggie and i joined the play after our errands, and we all spent a good hour in the rain, having a merry, wet time. THEN nina had dance and maggie and i ran around the track. when we got home, the girls played in a nice warm tub for an hour. but they were both out by 8! finally!

tomorrow is supposed to be much nicer, so here's to hoping for some more outside time and sun for my poor, sad little seeds.

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