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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

now a saturday & sunday post

saturday and sunday were similar days, except saturday was beautiful and sunday was windy and rainy.

on saturday, the girls performed the puppet show they had been rehearsing. wyatt was asleep so he didn't get to see it, just aunt vanessa and aunt isabelle. they did great! maggie remembered her line "hi, i'm nemo!" and nina did the parts of dory and the diver. a blazing success!

nina went to the playground with erik, isabelle, and chester on saturday afternoon while maggie napped, and then the becks came over for dinner. lots of fun and a busy day!

on sunday aunt maria, uncle lee, grandma, jessica, and a friend of hers from film school came over. then, the mcconnell's came by to meet with jessica because she and her friend might film a short movie on their boat this summer! fun!

now i have to hurry off because nina has tap at 9:30. busy busy busy we are!!

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