about a dream: maple syrup sunday

Sunday, March 28, 2010

maple syrup sunday

it was eh. the pancakes were reeeeeeeeeeally good, but it was COLD, and because of the funny weather they weren't making any syrup. but we got to see some horses and get a fun drive through the deep back woods of maine, so it was good.

but the cutest thing happened on the way home. we stopped in the hannaford in damariscotta, and while i was taking her to the bathroom maggie saw some balloons by the place where they sell lottery tickets and whatnot (what's that counter called? customer something?). well she asked if she could have one and i said we'd ask when we were done. so on the way back to nick and nina she remembered, and i went up and asked, and yes! there were free balloons for kids. so she picked out a yellow one for herself and an orange one for nina. she was so happy.

well, i told maggie, "hold on to it tightly now, you don't want it to float away where we can't reach it." because you know, that's what one says to a child with a helium balloon. then i picked out some ice cream, and when i looked at maggie again, she was clutching that balloon ribbon so tightly in her 2 little fists that her fingers were turning white! how is she always so heartbreakingly cute?? well i tied the balloon around her wrist and told her she didn't have to hold it that tightly, but she still clutched it like her life depended on it. so cute!


Vanessa said...


Oma said...

Didn't you just want to hug her as hard as she was holding on to that balloon?!

nick and des said...

all the time oma! and she's so squishy soft, too. i could squeeze her all day!!