about a dream: i can't believe it's already march!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

i can't believe it's already march!

knock on wood, but i have to say that was not a bad winter! it didn't even get cold until the end of december, and it's been downright balmy for most of the past 2 weeks! (granted that i consider anything close to 40 balmy. but today almost hit 50!). the 10 day forecast has us in the mid-40s most days, with the exception of tomorrow and thursday, which are forecast for the upper 30s. still, i am one happy camper! i even read in the press herald that the sap has started running so early this year that it might be all done by the time maple sugar sunday rolls around (in which case they'll still have it on the scheduled day, i think that's the last sunday in march, except they'll just boil plain water in the evaporators instead of sap, so people can still get to see how it works. and of course we'll go!)

i write about the weather today because there's really not much else to talk about... maggie was in quite the mood today, screaming and crying and stamping her foot when she didn't get her way immediately. maybe something was bothering her, like teeth? she did have a tiny bit of a runny nose, maybe there was a sore throat with it, or she was just feeling under the weather. i think there was something going on beyond the typical almost 2-ness, because she really wasn't herself. either way, it wasn't too bad either. nina's good though.

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Vanessa said...

We had 3 solid months here of about the worst winter anyone has seen in Kansas City in a long time, cold and snowy... Please, please warm spring weather soon!