about a dream: we had a movie night tonight

Friday, March 5, 2010

we had a movie night tonight

we watched the animated film Up at the parents' house. the new TV makes for a great home theater! the girls loved it--even maggie was riveted. it's amazing the way she can focus on a 96-minute movie, and actually follow what's going on! she laughed in all the right places, remembered the characters (there were dogs and a bird, so it was perfect for maggie. the only thing that could have made it better was a horse!). she did get confused because there was a princess tiana preview, and at first she thought that was what we were gonna watch. how cute!

earlier today (around 2 in the afternoon) mom took the girls in the hot tub. after a while in there nina said "i'm getting pretty tired. i need to get wound up!"

ohh also during the movie, there was something happening. and nina said someting like "what could he poss-is-a-... what could he poss-oss-ibl... what could he pos-is... what could he be trying to do?" it was so cute, she just couldn't get it out.

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