about a dream: i keep saying this, but I can't believe this weather!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

i keep saying this, but I can't believe this weather!

it has been SO BEAUTIFUL! it was like, almost 60 again today! what the heck!! we love it. the girls played outside, and i filled the wagon with water and got a bunch of cups and such for them to play with. the love to play with water. they were pouring it everywhere, and then maggie started watering the bushes. then she said the bush was going pee pee and cracked up. it was too cute. she kept pouring water on it, laughing, and saying "pee-pee!!"

we also started our peppers for the garden. those have to be started indoors 8 weeks before they go in the garden, so i'm thinking that would be about now. next are tomato plants, they need to be sown indoors 6-7 weeks before last frost.

the girls were digging in the dirt with me. i was trying to mix up the soil so the leaves i put on top of the beds would have time to decompose before i start putting stuff in. lots of worms in there these days! last summer when i started digging up the garden space, i found about 2 worms total. today i saw like, 20, in just the little quarter i was digging up. big soil improvement! all that compost really paid off. boy am i excited now! expect a lot more garden blogging soon. in fact, i'm going to start labeling posts again, and label all of the garden posts.

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