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Friday, March 26, 2010


today nina and maggie had a playdate with their friend bernadette. she's more nina's friend, but the three of them play so well together, and the bigger girls are so good about including maggie, that it's pretty much a group playdate. i'm so proud of nina, she is such a good big sister! how many 4 year old girls would tolerate their not-yet-two-year-old little sister following her and her friend around all day, much less actively include the little sister in her play? not many! and bernadette is such a sweetheart too that she also plays with maggie and is happy to include her in the play. how very sweet they all are! vanessa was always like that with me and erik--all three of us always played well together--and i'm so happy that they have the bond that i do with my siblings. not everyone does!!

in other news, i've been talking with maggie a lot about not nursing at night any more. she's getting 3 new teeth, so i'm not about to night wean right now, but it's coming. so today when maggie wanted to nurse and i asked her if she wanted a snack instead, she told me "I have to nurse!" it was too cute!

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Vanessa said...

Wow,Bernadette is not a name you hear a lot these days, but I like it.
We gave Wyatt his first rice cereal today, just a little bit was all he got down, but it is a start!