about a dream: i was going to do some catch-up blogging last night

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

i was going to do some catch-up blogging last night

but instead i went to bed at 8:30! nina went to bed then too, and little no-nap maggie was out for the count at 6:40! we were all soooo tired. mostly it was the great fun we had with vanessa, wyatt, erik, isabelle, and chester. but on top of that we lost an hour for daylight savings time over the weekend.

so, let the catch-up blogging begin!

ok, friday:
on friday, nina had a make-up dance class from 9:30 to 10:30. i dropped her off for that and took maggie over to story hour at the library, where a guy who teaches music classes for babies was performing at story hour. maggie loved it! she got right into singing, dancing, and playing with the instruments. i had always mocked the idea of spending almost $250 for 10 music classes for a baby, but i might sign us up. well, it's not $250 here in maine, and it's per family, not per sibling. so that makes a big difference.

mom, vanessa, and wyatt picked up nina from dance class and brought her to story hour too, so she got to participate at the end. then, we took wyatt and the girls down to the whale park because it was such a sunny, beautiful day. the girls' friends charlie, hattie, and james were there, so it was fun.

then, shortly after we got home, erik, isabelle, and chester got in! wow, if you didn't think 2 girls could get any happier, they did! they love their aunt and uncle and that crazy little dog. general merriment and passing around of the wyatt was had by all.

nina was fine with me holding wyatt this time, but maggie was not so happy. "no wyatt!" she'd say "it's my mom!!"

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