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Thursday, March 1, 2012

snow day!!

what fun, a snow day today!! well, it was kind of fun. we didn't get to be outside in it much, because it was snowing all day long. and windy. drive the snow into your eyes and neck snowy/windy. maggie hates this kind of weather, so she begrudgingly was out in it long enough to get to grandma's, but that's it. nina and i stayed out for a little while, but once she started to get snow in that gap between her boots and her snowpants, it was immediately over for her too. good thing grandma had some hot cocoa, potato chips, and cartoons ready! seriously, these girls live in little kid heaven.

after cartoons, they played upstairs for a while, and eventually found some old dresses of mine and vanessa's to dress up in. maggie wore vanessa's dark blue old prom dress, and nina was in the dress i wore as a bridesmaid in bethany's wedding. it was tea-length on me, but floor length for her, and strapless. nina loved it, and wants to wear it all the time.

mom thought it looked adorable too, but not for a real party. "you're too young still to wear a strapless dress," she said.

"grandma," said nina, "you're forgetting. i'm six and a half years old!"

haha! six and a half!

it was like the other day, when nina was hot and decided to wear her old swimsuit all day. "isn't that suit getting a little small nina?" said nick.
"no!" said nina, "it's not too small!"

"whoa!" i said, "that's a conversation i wasn't expecting to have for another 10 years!"


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