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Saturday, March 10, 2012


that's why i haven't blogged in a while. i've been so tired at night, i've been going to sleep right after putting the girls to bed. and since putting the girls to bed is a process that starts at 7, i haven't had time!

things have been good otherwise, though. nina went on a field trip with her class (actually with kindergarten through 4th grade) to see the lorax at a movie theater in thomaston. she had a great time. i was less than thrilled with the idea of her sitting on a bus, in a movie theater, or at mcdonald's all day. she didn't fall asleep until 9:30 last night, because she just didn't get enough energy out. oh well, she had fun.

also yesterday, maggie and i were playing outside (it was in the high 50s on thursday and just about 40 yesterday, but the sun was very warm), and she decided she was going to vroom off to grandma's (that's what she calls it). she tripped on the path and scraped her knee just a teensy bit. in the car 5 minutes later, on the way to picking up nina, she was examining her injury and she began to vaguely remember that this wasn't the first time she's tripped on the path. then,

"what the hell!" she yelled. "i've done this before, i remember!"

it was too funny. she was so annoyed with herself for not having learned a lesson from falling the first time! she decided she shouldn't run any more. i told her kids fall when they run, but running is healthy and she should do it anyway, just that she should wear jeans. she seemed to warm to that idea, so who knows. maybe the pajama thing is just about over and she'll enter the jeans phase. i'll keep you posted.

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