about a dream: now it's cold again.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

now it's cold again.

i do believe it's snowing right now. ahh, spring in maine! and do you want to know how excited about spring we are around here? this excited!!

actually, that's probably her "my little pony is on" face, but whatever. artistic license.

maggie really doesn't watch that much TV, and most of what she does watch is either on PBS or on demand, so she doesn't see very many commercials at all. the exception to this is that she does sometimes watch my little pony in the morning on Hub, so she sees the commercials they show there. and boy oh boy, does this kid remember everything. at one point a few days ago i was watching with her, and a commercial came on for a company that adds insulation to your existing home. maggie turned to me and said, "it keeps your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer." another day she was telling me about the latest toy she wants and then added, "but that's sold separately." she's an advertiser's dream!

speaking of my little pony, here's nina's tribute to them:

that's got to be some kind of modern art, no? and can you believe how long her hair has gotten? it takes me half an hour to brush it out after a shampoo, because it's so fine, and there's so much of it, but she really likes it long, so i go along with it. i don't mind, really. it's a nice bit of quiet, quality time for us.

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