about a dream: 80 degrees today...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

80 degrees today...

so, we went to the beach!

what a lovely day! the breeze coming in off of the water was pretty chilly, so nina and i needed jackets. maggie was fine without one, of course. both girls dipped their toes in the ocean (and so did i, but only because i had to rinse out the buckets and shovels). it wasn't too bad. hendrick's head is really, really shallow, so the mud bakes in the sun for about 100 or 200 feet during low tide. it really heats up the water. it was probably mid-50 degrees.

it was quite sunny!

nina and some of her girlfriends

maggie brushing sand off her hands while she waits for me to take a picture

a photo of me, courtesy of nina

rinsing off in the water wagon at home. our fun summer alternative to a bath! (that's a cheese stick in maggie's hand)

we're supposed to get more of this again tomorrow. i love it!

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