about a dream: the girls have a new favorite movie

Monday, March 5, 2012

the girls have a new favorite movie

on friday, i went to a friend's house for a moms' night out. nick stayed with the girls and they watched a movie--ace ventura, pet detective. or as the girls call it, ace the keeper. maggie actually fell asleep watching it, so i got to stay out late (9:45!!). when she woke up in the morning, she immediately asked why i'd left her, and then launched right into an explanation of ace the keeper. he makes his butt talk! he put on a tutu! he walked on bubble wrap! and he thought a shark was a dolphin and said, "do not go in there!" it was too funny.

we got a few inches of snow overnight and this afternoon, nina built a snow fort. she was so excited about it. i would attach pictures, but i'm too tired to get up and download them. tomorrow.

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