about a dream: i have nothing to write about!!!

Friday, March 30, 2012

i have nothing to write about!!!

yet i feel compelled to update. so, i'll start a new blog theme. it'll be called, "our lives today: a snapshot" and i'll just write about the trivial things that are going on in our lives, and in 20 years it'll all seem so dated and poignant. god, my genius astounds even myself sometimes.

today, nina is:
reading welcome to dead house, ghost camp, and scary stories to tell in the dark 3. she likes to play with her fur real friend sara but she desperately wants a real dog. her favorite games to play are kids on stage, stare, and candyland. she loves to draw pictures, especially of houses, people, birds, trees, rainbows, and leprechauns.

today, maggie is:
obsessed with the rainbow fairies series, which i hate reading, because i think they're awful. i did read the first few chapters of charlotte's web to her today, and that was fun. she likes to play with her ponies, especially a match up with the angry birds called "angry birds reverses ponies." she also likes to wash her toys and ponies, and have tea parties. she loves to draw pictures of ponies. i let her use the dry erase markers on the windows, and so our windows are usually covered with drawings of ponies, sometimes with wings, and sometimes holding scissors (a little scary? yes.)

i wasn't going to do nick or myself, but why not! nick is reading the given day and i'm reading the biography of catherine the great. the girls are sound asleep (maggie has a big of a runny nose), and we're just chillaxin'!

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