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Sunday, April 1, 2012

mini golf

today dolphin mini golf had an easter egg hunt, BBQ, and mini golfing (of course!) to benefit the march of dimes. of course we were there! it was great fun. nina did a wonderful job. she golfed with mom and dad, and really focused and did her best. i tried to get her to golf with us but she insisted on moving ahead with them. maggie golfed on her own, no interest in keeping pace with me and nick. but, that left me and nick to golf on our own, and actually enjoy some competition. it was warm too. a lovely day!! here are some photos, taken with the new camera of course!

maggie, just after getting the ball in the hole

nina, just after a putt. you can see her ball right at the bottom of the photo. what a great shot! (i mean me, the photographer. but it was a great shot for nina too!)

maggie, determined to get the ball in.

look at that form!

they raffled off these bunnies, but we didn't enter. we have enough stuffed animals.

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