about a dream: WARNING--SCARY!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


No, not bed bugs or mice scary. These are the paintings Maggie and I have made of monsters. You've probably seen the ones we made months, or maybe even a year, ago:

The green guy was our first. I outlined the shape, and Maggie and I painted it together.

For the gray guy, I got pretty into the sky. Artistic, no? The pink and blue are a prince and princess fighting him.

But then today, Maggie and I did this:

Scary! The black slime dripping from him was kind of my idea. Maggie had too much paint and it was dripping, and she was about to freak out about it (RUINED! It would have been RUINED! Which you know she pronounces as "wuined."), so I jumped in and said, "Ohhh, he's dripping slime! How scary! I like it, let's do more!" I think I might have gone overboard.

The red blob on the lower left corner is a beer bottle full of blood for him to drink. That one was Maggie's idea. I can't say for sure who's idea the red fangs were, but i did paint them, so probably mine. But Maggie filled in the black mouth, which really upped the creepy factor by like ten.

Why do I fear that I'll one day be showing this to a psychologist??