about a dream: Also, we went to the dentist yesterday

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Also, we went to the dentist yesterday

The girls did great and no cavities!

I got to go first, and Maggie and Nina passed the time by harassing the dental hygienist. "What's that on your hands?" (gloves) "What are you doing to my mom?" (cleaning my teeth) "What's this for?" "What's that?" "Why's that there?" and on and on and on and on... The hygienist was laughing. As was I, as much as it was possible.

The girls went next and did a fantastic job. Maggie loved getting her teeth cleaned and wanted to come back every day. Nina was less enthusiastic. She did fine, but she did not (NOT) like the tooth rinser and sucker straw. Wait, I take that back: she didn't even get to the tooth rinser. The sucker straw went over so badly that we didn't even try it. But it would have been even worse for her. So she just rinsed and spat the old fashioned way, with a plastic cup and the sink. No big deal.

The most exciting part was probably the little gifts they got--a toothbrush, sparkly toothpaste, and some flossers.

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Oma said...

Didn't Papa go, too??